Xsplit Vs OBS Which one is Best Live Streaming Software

Xsplit vs OBS, These two are the main competitors from the gaming stream. They supply the service of live streaming by capturing the computer screen at the gameplay time. I will give some facts that can help you to choose the best live streaming software among these two contenders.

Who is the Xsplit or OBS for live game streaming on Youtube or Twitch?  It is the new writing task for me to presents some practical facts about them. If you want to stream with the twitch and want to improve the stream quality, then You require external broadcasting software similar to Obs and Xsplit.

I got lots of email from my readers about which streaming software is appropriate for the game streaming on the internet. To answer or choose between obs or XSplit, I read their spec and power’s in depth to reach to some answer.

This war offers you the explanation of the question “what is the best streaming software or add-ons for twitch on the internet.” So, I am covering Xsplit vs OBS comparison in respect of their performance for twitch users.

Xsplit Vs OBS {Best Live Streaming Software}

xsplit vs obs streaming software

As you know, every tool keeps the plus and minus point according to the user prospects. Because In this world, everybody belongs to different background and the priorities are different as compare to other. For example, I can say some gamers afford the high price software and can compromise with the performance.

In the reciprocal case, people follow the performance and money does not matter for them. So, example Give you the right mindset behind what I am going to say in this article in respect of Obs vs Xsplit.

You can choose the streaming software between these two participants. To get the actual difference according to your mindset, I will describe them according to some major points that matter for the people who love to stream on Twitch.

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8 Points To Decide Winner Of Xsplit Vs OBS

1) Performance

The first point that matters for me into a game streaming software because If you are going to stream videos on twitch, then you are serving for an extensive range of audience. For people who want to watch game streaming, they prefer videos in high definition as high as possible.

In the case of Obs vs. Xsplit, obs is the winner in case of performance because It can produce a video pixel upto 1152×658 resolution that is more than the Xsplit 720p resolution.

Note: please remember that if you belong to an area where internet speed is not higher to produce such a result, then both of these software performances are equal for you.

2) Price

The second thing that people compare any software or app by the amount that you need to pay to enjoy the service. Xsplit and obs are the free streaming software. OBS is entirely free while Xsplit contains some paid version and functions.

Therefore, if you are new guy or beginner in the field, then both are similar for you. However, In the case of professionals, you can buy the Gimped Version of Xsplit that cost $2.50 for medium version and $4.17 for the complete version. You can get a simulated green screen option, in-game play option with Xsplit with the paid version.

3) Integration

If you want to add something in between the video of your game stream, then obs and Xsplit both offer you similar service. However, there are some additional factors like you want to add a company banner or something then Xsplit services are quicker as compare to OBS.

You need to find the integrations and set them to step by step in OBS. Therefore, I give a little plus to the Xsplit for the result of Xsplit Vs OBS.

4) System Requirement

I connect the system requirement with how much memory, ram or disk space Xsplit and OBS software need at the time of stream to youtube or twitch. OBS occur the 10% of CPU while Xsplit occurrence reaches upto the 65% and it also requires some services of game card of your system.

Therefore, OBS has a high number in case of resource requirement from the system. By using the result, I can say that Xsplit needs the little stronger system as compare to OBS with the memory and CPU power.

5) Screen Capture

Screen capture option is used when you are doing the game streaming online. However, In the middle, if you want to show something to the user by croping some extra thing from the image.

In Xsplit, you can use their capture option directly, but In case OBS noting is there for such service. It is also a plus point with Xsplit.

6) Customization process

If you use such kind of software regular, then You need to take a look about the customization process. You can go through the issue like recording device not working, camera issue and many others. If customize process is familiar then it can remove a headache from your future.

To customize audio, bit rate, frame rate, and other option, I prefer OBS. Xsplit is needed the time to be familiar with the external elements. It contains the number of functionality as compare to OBS. In the beginning, you can go with OBS but after familiar with streaming then select Xsplit.

7) Usage

In the case of usage, I consider two things for this comparison term. Installation and functionality are the two terms that decide my opinion.

OBS is harder in the setup with your system. You must need the help of the person who setup it before. In case of fuctionality and user experience, I also vote of Xsplit.

8) External Add-ons And plugin

You can add easily install external plugin or add-ons with OBS while Xsplit does not support such a thing. This service gives you the power of customization many things with your streaming. So, It gives you the way to add more stuff to your video streaming on the internet.

Last Words On Xsplit Vs OBS

I cover the services and the attributes comparison of Xsplit and OBS with considering some factors. Now, you think which the winner is for Xsplit vs OBS competition. It depends on what factors matter for you.

Every problem, suggestions, and properties are in front of you; Now you can also decide the winner quickly.

Thank you for reading my point of view! Please share my guide and comment any additional point if you want to suggest us.

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