WebGL hit a snag – 6 Best 100% Working Fixes For Exception

Google Chrome shows various kind of error message on different times; You will see things like confirm form resubmission exception, Rats! WebGL hit a snag and many more with Chrome. In this article, we will try to explore the reason, and fixes for the WebGL hit a snag error message on your browser. First, we will run towards the goal and do a complete analysis of the terms, after that best fixes are explained to you guys.

This error has mainly happened when you want to high GUI based website keeps 2D, 3D views or files related to 360 VR related javascript based content. In these cases, Chrome shows the WebGL hit a snag text on the screen. It can have numerous reason we will talk about the little bit later. You also need to understand that it is an exception for google chrome that pushes people to use another kind of browsers such as UC, opera, and many others.

You need to aware that I am here (just kidding) for the solutions related to an error on your browser, windows, and any other specific application. Everything has a fix for the problem if you want to desire to find the solution. I got the answer to remove this kind of error lines from your browser and help you to establish everything again.

All About Rat! WebGL hit a snag Error Message.

In this section, we will present two things one is what is WebGL and why Chrome throws such kind of error on some websites. These two things are essential because without understanding the basic, we can not overcome that stuff and sam thing applies here.

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What is WebGL

WebGL stands for Web Graphics library, and it is a javascript application interface that renders 3D, 2D graphics on chrome browser (it supports most of the browser). WebGL is used to avoid addons and plugins to load 3D, and VR related Graphs on the browser, and you can load heavy graphics on anywhere on the internet.

Web Graphics Library is a pretty popular library because of GUI of most of the system that we used support WebGL files and help them to execute directly.

Why You Get Rat! WebGL hit a snag

Second people came in the mind if this library supports the proper support to load the graphics then why Chrome throws an exception like that on with some websites.

Let assume that when we use any website that keeps 3D, 2D, high-performance animation, or 360o videos on our browser. The first website goes into the graphics executing mode and call for the WebGL to help to make the load possible on the page. However, In many cases, web graphics library throws an error in the response of the function’s calling and your chrome browser throws the exception Rat! WebGL hit a snag on your screen.

This thing can happen due to the code error, slow internet connection, or code issues. There is a long list of the reasons, but now we need to move towards the right solution that will help you to focus on your real work in comparison to the problem.

Possible Fixes To The Rat! WebGL hit a snag

I wrote the reason in a particular way and tried to explain the whole process that force to google Chrome to show such kind of text on the response of some request. Now, I will tell the best fixes or possible fixes that you require to use at your end.

1) Try Hardware acceleration

When you are uploading the bigger files on the system sometime, your browser requires more hardware support as compared to normal. In google chrome, you have the option to put the limit more to perform your task. You can enable hardware acceleration option, and it will help Chrome to make the possible connection or upload the UI to the browser using web graphics library. In 50% of cases, it will work to resolve the Rat! WebGL hit a snag error from your screen.

To perform the procedure, please check the given steps:-

1) Click on the Menu icon (three dots in the top right corner) and press the setting item on the list.

hardware acceleration in chrome

2) Scroll the current page and press the button “show advanced setting” and scroll down the page.

3) find the item with the title “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available” and check the box to operate.

4) Close all the windows of Chrome and try to open the website that you were getting WebGL hit a snag exception.

2) Resetting The Enabled Flags

In the first step, we try to make a connection with the WebGL and force our system to cooperate with the browser.  This approach does not work, but you require to see the other content of the page that is throwing the error. In that case, you can disable the WebGL and component and want to use a simple webpage.  You require to deal with the flags of chrome browser. They will allow or disallow any particular external library with the page.

Try Following the instructions to Enable Flags

1) enter the following line chrome://flags/ in your browser.

2) Now press the button, “Reset All To Defaults.”

reset flags to default

3) you can change a particular flag by checking the given list, but it will be a little bit complicated for some people.

3) Check Log Files

Sometimes there is a programmatic error from the page side and browser will find it challenging to establish the right connection with the webGL library. You can check such page or program errors on the log files at the browser. After getting the error, you can connect with the google chrome support or the site that you will want to open. To check the details follow the given instructions:-

1) Open the URL : Chrome://CPU in your browser.

2) Now check for the “Problems Detected” section and check the red lines there that are the cause of this mixup here.

3) correct the select error on the google forums or contact with the website team.

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4) Recreating the Canvas

As I looked after for numerous forum to get more answers for the webGL, I found some interesting thing that this error was also started at the time of resizing of performing the canvas person of your webpage. You need to decide a proper resizing and canvas strategy for the task like 3D content or VR videos (this kind of content some time keeps the larger files and UI representation).

5)Reset, and Update Chrome Browser

If you are unable to resolve the issue yet, then you need to try to reset your browser or reinstall it on your system. It is the last thing that you need to perform with your browser to resolve the WebGL hit a snag error.

In case, you are not using an updated version of Chrome then try to update it because advanced version removes the previous excerption and browser issues from their internal phenomena.

FInal Line…

Please let us know if you have any queries in the comment and we will update with your answer. Thanks

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