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How To Use PayPal on Amazon Try These 3 Ways

Does Amazon accept PayPal or can you use PayPal on Amazon? These kind of questions are coming from people who have money in PayPal account or want to purchase something to the Amazon website. I prepare some methods that can resolve the amazon PayPal problem that you are in right now.

How to Use PayPal for Amazon payment’s? As my guess, You are asking this question for two reasons, one is that you have some amount in your PayPal account and want to purchase things Or You want to know the ways as general knowledge.

People are asking me this question from some time that how can they use PayPal on Amazon. I read the lots of guides, PayPal instructions and community discussions to reach a proper answer.

First, I will tell some history about both franchise “amazon PayPal” and their connections in the past. The reason behind the historical aspects is to give you the logic behind my points that I will use in my ways of using PayPal balance on Amazon.

In start when PayPal came into the market, It adapted by or use by the eCommerce platform eBay to use as a payment option for international users. As you understand, eBay and Amazon are the competitors of each other, and that creates a line between PayPal and Amazon in the online world.

Now, you have a question that eBay disconnect with PayPal approx four years ago, but In the present, you can not use PayPal directly on Amazon as a payment gateway. Amazon pay is the answer to the question that is running in your mind.

PayPal On Amazon (Try These Methods)

Amazon focuses on developing a self-made payment gateway for their users. These historical facts can make you disappoint but please don’t worry. I have lots of surprises for you to know in this article.

History makes uncomfortable sometimes with the logic, but the present world is running fast and contains lots of solutions of old problems. Therefore, I have a bag of answers for you to access PayPal money to purchase Amazon products and other options.

paypal on amazon

Now stay on the seat and read these illustrations related to the questions like does Amazon take PayPal or can I use PayPal with Amazon website.

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1) Purchase Gift Cards

Guys, here are we on our first way to use your PayPal amount to buy things on Amazon. You can take help from various website to purchase an Amazon gift card online. In the present time, the user can obtain a 50$ or 100$ gift card from the PayPal also by using purchasing option.

Go on to the gift sites or select some web page that offers the collection of Amazon gift cards and purchase them using PayPal money because mainly these sites accept PayPal as a payment gateway.

Therefore, It is not too hard to find new gift cards with Amazon offers on the internet. Now the next question arises that how to use this gift card on Amazon. The answer to the question is simple and tension free. Follow the instructions given in the below steps :

1. Open the Amazon account.

2. Add the things into your cart that you are interested in.

3. To proceed the payment choose the Amazon gift card option and enter the code there.

4. Your amount paid to the Amazon and you use your gift card.
This process is not rocket science for you and can use them very easy to utilize your PayPal amount.

2) PayPal Credit Or Debit Cards

The second method is more accessible than the last one I cover regarding the question of how does Amazon take PayPal. As you know, it provides a physical or virtual debit card in various countries from your wallet amount. You can use these credit or debit cards to pay on the shopping site at the time of checkout directly.

If you do not keep any debit card related to your PayPal account, then create a request to PayPal to generate one. You can use it anywhere as a decent debit card to offline and online payments.

paypal credit debit cards

In my opinion, now you can use your PayPal money with Amazon to buy things there. These methods are the little bit different available on the market to serve the audience.

3) Use for Affiliate

In this method, you can not use it directly with Amazon to purchase things. It came for the different aspect to take PayPal with Amazon. If you are using site affiliate and belongs to local countries where Amazon cannot pay your affiliate amount directly, then use PayPal there.

You can easily use this payment system on Amazon to get your money in your account through it’s payment gateway. Many friends of mine followed this method to receive the payment without any constraints.

Last Words

I told you the ways that can help you to use PayPal balance with this shopping site using current methods. If you are facing any problem related to these schemes, then please write a comment in below part or email us your issue with pictures. I am here to help you to solve the PayPal and Amazon issues.

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