Tricks and Kodi Error Message Fixes

When you want to open any link related to the site for movie streaming, you will get the popup that keeps the  error message with request for you to connect with the site. It is an error that you usually get when you access these particular type of the links.

If you go to any of the following website and to solve the error then first it will appear with a Captcha and then send you to the fake offers and ads screens. It can harm your system and achieve your private information without asking any permission.

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So, you need to remove it or aware from it before streaming the links or reaching to these particular websites.  In many cases, when you submit the offers and stuff but you can not able to remove the pop up from your screen. I am very aware of the functionality of these messages and pop-ups. In this guide, I will share my experience that I used to solve it and able to remove it permanently.

Methods To Resolve

If you are concerned about the, then I think you will see in the right direction. It is providing the many movies that are paid for free, and it is an illegal thing to do by any streaming partner.

If you are getting the same service from this site, then you can go into any legal trouble in future.  To solve the problem, you can try the following methods to fix the & error on Kodi device.

I will explain some working ways that will help you to resolve this error permanently.  These methods will dictate the terms for the people to choose the Vidup me pair and https vid up me pair choice to stream the lag-free streaming of flicks and TV series. It is not compulsory that’s why I can help you to fix these issues.  As you understand, it is an easy and free choice to stream through the link.

1. Try the VPN Services

In the first method, you can try the VPN services that you are familiar with and block those links. It worked because these links are country specified, choose any country that is less known in the digital world. To do such a thing, please follow these simple instructions.

1. Start your VPN on your Kodi device; you can use any VPN service that you love in the past. As you know, we use VPN because we want to hide our location and other private information from the websites.

try the VPn fix for Thevideo me pair

2. After that enter the any one of the URL: and to pair with the site.

3. Fill the captcha and complete the pairing.

4. It will extract your IP address and match it with the website. You can use it now without thinking about your security and location information.

Use of the VPN is a safe choice, and you can use to avoid many problems with the data breach and security.

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2. Fix using Steam Authorization

1. If you are using the exodus to stream the movie content then you know it will take some time to load the links and server data on your system.

2. Select the Vidup server streaming link from the existing database of departure and try to load it onto the system. When you do this process then link will display a message that will tell you for steam authorization.

3. Reach to the and as the message say and pair it with your existing form of Kodi addon.


4. Now try the step 2 again, and it will show the message that will not restrict you to stop the streaming.

3. Off the Hosters with Captchas

It is a setting that will help you to stop the captcha related list you can connect directly with the streaming server. It means the error of or occurring due to the captcha that is set on this website. If we disable it from our ad don, then we can directly pass to the media file.

Actions in each add on are distinct, but you only need to off the Hosters with Captchas setting button. You will get this setting title in each add on that you are using to stream the TV series and movies. Now, I will tell you some steps that are related to the exodus add on, and you can use the same on your device.

1. Right Click on the exodus add on icon and open the setting of the add on.

2. Now, you can see the settings; there are two parts of the screen there. Select the playback option from the left column.

3. While you click on it, there is an option with the title “Hosters with Captchas” will appear in the right pane of the screen.

4. You need to off this setting to get the direct streaming without activation or pairing anything to your addon.

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In my opinion, you got the solution of fix for the Kodi error, and you can stream your movie or TV show link with any issue in the process.  I think you will use these methods that I mentioned to you; please share the content on social media and other profiles to help other people to get the error-free streaming on Kodi.

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