Steam Screenshot Folder : Find Folder and How Take Screenshot

You are enjoying your game streaming and game-play on steam; now, In my opinion, you want to save some key moments from your screen. In this case, as a user, you need to require the introduction of steam screenshot folder.

It will help you to save the critical moments of your game-play, and you can upload it on your social media or no other profiles. If you do not know the rule of taking a screenshot in the steam, then you also learn this thing here.

People are very addictive with steam functionality, and it is becoming a larger platform in the online gaming community.  So, now I start my guide and want to explain in two parts. In the first part, I will help those people who are unable to take the screenshot onto the steam platform. And in the second part, I will talk about the directory or folder where you can get the screenshot folder steam.

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How To Take Screenshot On Steam

It is a pretty easy and straightforward method that you can quickly learn by just following some necessary steps on your keyboard.

1. Open the game screen that you want to take the screenshot.

2. Now press the Key like F12 and other it depends on your PC.

take screenshot on steam

3. It completed the process of screenshot capturing on the steam.

Steam Screenshot Folder

This task is equally important to the previous one because without getting the image file, you can not do anything with the image. It also keeps a smooth and straightforward process that you will like.

In steam software when you take a screenshot, it will store in the steam screenshot folder that is placed inside your library. You need to go through some steps and check for your file.

There are some ways to achieve this new target, but I will tell you two prominent way that you need to try. In any case, if you are going to try multiple methods to get the steam screenshot file.  You can get the image by using your operating system user interface, or I can say library structure. The second method is all about the steam screenshot manager that is available in your steam account.

steam login

By using Screenshot Manager

1. Open the dashboard or main screen of your steam account.

2. Now go to the top menu bar where you can see the numerous option.

3. Take the mouse to the “view” item and a drop down will appear after that.

4. When you get the dropdown, then there is a list item with the title “screenshot”.

5. When you click on that item, you will get a new window that contains the numerous screenshots that you took in the past.

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6. This screenshot manager sustains the various functions that you can use to do things with the previous images.

You can delete any of the screenshot by using the delete button from the preview side of the pane. You can see these files in your computer folder then click on the “show on disk” button.

By using OS user Interface

The last method is simple but when you are in offline mode and your steam window has not opened. In that case, you can use your operating system’s user interface to reach the file.

As you know, every data of your computer stored in the hard drive. You can access the information on the hard drive by using the directory distribution. The same thing, I will do to find the image file by using the process of directories or folders.

There is a path drive C:\ Programfiles (x86) \ Steam \ userdata\ <yourSteamID> \ 760 \ remote\ <app – ID> \ screenshots that you need to reach to the images.

If you are using the multiple accounts, then there are the several stream id folders, but you have only one account then you will get a single folder in that directory.  Drive C is the file container that stored all programs; it may have a different name on different systems.

If you do not follow the order in the right way, then it is hard to find the screenshots. Now you can choose any method, try them and share your experience with me on the comment box.

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Last Words

I think, now you got the path to find steam screenshot folder on your drive by using above mentioned methods. If you like my process of telling the ways then, please share all the data on social media with your gamer friends and colleagues. It will help us to reach to the broader audience.

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