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Spotify Web Player Not Working – Try 6 Fixes To Remove Error

People listen to underground and classical music to make a connection with the soul. In earlier, people used Radio, Fm, and other sources to fill their music thrust. However, now we are on the internet era, modern folks are using sources that provide the music collection online and Spotify one of them. However, as you know anything in the world of the internet is not entirely error-free. So, People who use Spotify web player also receive the error like “Spotify Web Player Not Working” on their respective Application or website.

There are reasons behind every error, but it does not have a proper purpose. This kind of thing appeared due to various reasons. However, you do not need to worry more, because I prepared or combined all the combinations of ideas that will force the Spotify web player to show the Spotify Web Player Not Working error message on your screen.

Fixes For Spotify Web Player Not Working Error

I will write about some underlying reasons that you can remove by change some setting or need some dangerous change in your settings. So, be ready to get the exciting and working tricks to enjoy your Spotify web player lag-free.

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1. Internet Connectivity issues

If you are getting the Spotify Web Player Not Working message then the first thing I suggest to check the internet connectivity. As you know, Spotify primarily works with internet connectivity. To check internet connection, try any other website like facebook, google, or Youtube on your browser and take the idea that you have an internet connectivity issue or not. In many cases, you can check your signal strength and other data to get a proper understanding that it is causing the problem or not.

As I Know, 5% of cases of Spotify Web Player Not Working is solved by this action step, and people get rid of the error message. If you are yet in trouble, then you require to check the next possible solution.


2. Clear Device or App Cache

The second thing I recommend to clear the cache of your browser, app, or device (it depends on the device or place where you are using Spotify). To remove app cache, check the app setting option in your android settings and select Spotify and click on the clear cache button to remove the cache files.

If you are using chrome and firefox browser, click on the menu icon of the browser (mainly represents by the three dots or lines), in chrome select more tools then clear browsing data option and remove all cache files from your browser or in firefox select the browser menu then options then privacy and security and you will get the opportunity to flush your cache data.

Sometimes you also require to remove the cache of the device because it will place domain with the error in the cache files that will serve the Spotify Web Player Not Working error. To perform this task on windows

(Windows 10, hit Win + R, then enter ipconfig /flushdns in the Text box) And you will be able to do this cache cleaning. You can also download some cache cleaning tools online. If you do not want to do these tasks(they will perform everything in a single click). As I researched that this step will help 15 to 20% of people to resolve our main problem.

3. Update Your Browser

It is a common thing to do in the present time, but some time people miss it and get the error message again and again. As you know, applications like Spotify modify their system according to the latest tools and versions available of the performing task to give excellent user experience.

So, update your chrome or firefox browser to make compatible with the new updated version of Spotify music player. Just perform this operation if you are getting Spotify Web Player Not Working message on your screen.

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4. Remove VPN, Adblocker or External Tools

If you have any VPN, adblocker and external extension installed in your browser, turn off them and try to restart the Spotify web player. In many cases, I see that these tools blocked the Spotify sources, and that will create a mixup for the player.

5. Change The Browser

If you are using the mac for Spotify, then please don’t try it on safari because it is not available for the safari browser.

Please choose the browser like chrome, firefox, opera or UC to run the Spotify web player. Many Mac users come under this step and resolve the Spotify Web Player Not Working and move on to the next browser.

6. Update Some Spotify Settings

So, we resolved approx 80% cases that you need to consider before reach to this step because it is the further next step that you need to perform in the 10-12% cases. In many conditions, Spotify Web Player Not Working error is resolved, and web player start to work fine, but you will not able to play any song through the player. Many of my friends get this error, and that is the reason I want to explain it to you.

Click on the three-dot icon near to your song and copy the song link from here. Now, put the link into your browser and that will song will start to play and you can listen to the song. I got into the deep of this problem, and many guys told me that it would happen due to the multiple device access of the Spotify music or web player. So, it is not that big issue you can set the preference of your devices in the Spotify app from your mobile or tablet devices.

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Final Lines To Remember

I told you six ways that will help you to get rid of Spotify Web Player Not Working from your system screen. If you have something that I did not mention or not resolved yet, then please ask me the question in the comment box, and we will try to help you to remove the Spotify error.

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