Anime came into the picture approx one century ago, but it gets the stream level in last 5 to 6 yrs. In my opinion, dubbed and subbed version of anime make this content accessible all across the world. The second thing is the visualization of those characters through cartoons also make it popular among the modern audience. Kissanime is a delivery system for anime that many people use; I need to talk about it because many people want to know about this website and how it works.

So, I am going to tell you all aspects of kissanime and is it the rightful element to watch anime and read the manga. So, first we start with the necessary details regarding kiss anime, and in my opinion, most of the people were filled with the information. However, I have to talk about every aspect of the subject and provide each data to every reader.

About Kissanime

Kissanime is an anime streaming service that hosts file related to manga and anime. It keeps the vast databases that provide manga and anime streaming without any trouble. It offers dubbed, subbed, original, old and approx all kind of anime and web comics. You can see it as one of the largest place where you combined find this kind of collection.

However, there is some issue with the policy of the site; that’s why it is down for longer times, and you will not see it on the internet. I am going to unravel all the points that you can understand about the main site on the market. I will also mention some new sites that keep “kissanime” in their domain name and work as the mirror on the market.

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Is Kissanime Safe and Legal

People ask this question on many forums and portals, and in deep down, you also know the answer because of the way they provide the content without registration or fee, then it looks suspicious. According to the many reports, it is not a legal website because they did not create original content through themselves and not have the authority to use the other people content. So, you got the idea about its legality, use it on terms or avoid it if you do not want any trouble.

Kissanime also contains some safety issues because numerous ads automatically generate new windows and extract your necessary data, such as location and others. You can also go into trouble if you follow any unauthorized ad and put your email or other pieces of information there. So, kissanime contains these issues, and many internet providers block their main domain to come into the picture. Sometime you will also not find any data on google regarding the kiss-anime website.

New Working Sites of Kissanime

Some people open this article or want to read for this title and not keep interested in the above details. However, there are different terms for the sites according to the location, and you can use original content there. So, you can check these working websites, mirrors, or similar domains to kissanime that you can sometimes use if you are interested.

I will cover the three leading websites in the absence of kissanime that keeps all the functionality to the leading site and available on the online medium. Some people will tell you many choices but in my opinion, if one or two works for you then you do not need a long list with unnecessary elements. So, I kept that in my mind and prepared a small list of options that you can use to watch anime online.


Kiss-anime is a new version of the leading site “,” and if you use the leading website in the past, then you will see the exact copy in this version. There are no differences in theme, design, content collection, and properties of this site. You will also find it in the search engines and on the internet.

kiss-anime ws

To try it open the URL and you will get a big dose of English subbed and dubbed anime only through this source as you can see that it is a mirror site because it keeps the exact keyword “kissanime” in its domain by using some characters in between.

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2. gogoanimes

Gogoanimes is the second place that you need to look after in case of main site is not working in your area or you unable to get the streaming from this source. It is an older version of kiss anime that is working nowadays in the absence of the real website. It keeps all the ingredients that you want with kissanime. So, you need to try it in the absence of the original site.

You can also read the manga and some older webcomics in English to enjoy your time on this site. Gogoanimes is also the mirror of the website “gogoanime” that is the previous form of kissanime, or we can say the first website of kiss anime.


3. 9anime

If you did not get your option or alternative for kissanime, then 9anime is the destination that you can use instead of any other site for anime streaming or manga reading. It looks like a search engine of anime, and you can find anything that you want by the help of it.

9anime also contains the content in high quality as similar to main site and keeps the audience engage with many other options. However, it is also operated by the same people because it follows the exact content that keeps on its site.

Final Say

I think we talked enough about the kissanime website and discuss some significant points and option that you can use in the future. So, overall a great discussion, now please let me know if I left anything behind so I can provide to you.

Please share my article on social media and share some of your experiences with the main website that you get the issue with it. You can also share some best and working alternatives to kissanime that can help other people.
Thanks for reading!


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