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How To Record With OBS {A Step By Step Guide}

How To Record With OBS? It is a concern for people who want to stream their games or videos from desktop to social media or Twitch. You do not require to worry if you are new with it then please follow the instructions from this guide that I am offering you and enjoy this streaming software to get prime video outputs.

Do you want to record your live streaming through open broadcaster software? I am a game loving person and watch game streaming some time when I am free from my work. People are enjoying streaming on twitch, YouTube and some other social media platforms.

These are various game streaming software available for the people. Therefore, OBS is available for a long time, and it is possible for free. You can download it from the official site and then you can use it for the stream.

Before start the record with OBS, I will share some information that you do not know about open broadcaster software. It will help you in the long run of the user with the system and how it works for the streaming.

Open Broadcaster Software

open broadcaster software

As you know, OBS is a free streaming software available on the internet. It helps the user to capture their device screen, scene composition and stream the data in the real time.

OBS is worked on the RTMP (real-time messaging protocol) scheme that helps the user to stream on facebook, youtube and twitch directly. This broadcaster software supports Windows 7 and later version; you can use for your MAC OS if you want. To help people from all around the world, OBS developer’s launched it in 40+ languages.

How To Record With OBS

Now, It is time to tell you the steps that can help you to record with OBS software. Before going to these step, please download OBS on your system and complete the all installation process. I will explain the recording step with some setting details that you can use to fix some errors.

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In later part, I will share the steps that will help you to get the answer to the question how to use OBS. You will also need some obs recording functionality and hidden facts that help you to run the software without any issue.

In these Instructions, remember the order of steps at the time of usage. I will also provide a video that also contains the details of the step to watch if you are not able to understand them.

Step Required To Record With OBS

Steps Needed To Set Recording

1. Open the Open broadcaster software by clicking the icon of it on your system. Wait until the complete opening of the software.

2. Check some setting before recording because if your settings are not on the right path, then you will face recording issue. Therefore, click on the setting button available in the top menu bar of the tool.

obs general setting

3. Now select the native language that you want to use this broadcast software. To set encoding, select x264 for encoding and use CBR and insert 8000 for bit rate value.

encoding setting for obs

4. In broadcast setting, choose the mode between the live stream and file output only according to your requirement. For videos setting, you can use the resolution according to the data performance or set higher for file production only. Disable Aero by click on the checkbox, it will help you in-game streaming.

5. In the advanced section, Use multi threaded optimization and set process priority class for normal. Check the box of “allow other modifiers on hotkeys” option and use high-speed CPU Preast with high encoding profile. You need to use CFR and allow 61-120 fps entry in video setting.

advanced setting on Obs recording

6. Use noise cancellation settings if you are getting noise through the microphone.
These all settings are required and followed by the people who want to stream their game streaming online. It can use to provide the lag-free recording and high-quality output of your content. Before going to record with OBS check them first and then start the process.

Steps To Start A Recording With OBS

7. Go Back to the home screen on OBS to know the answer of how to record with OBS.

8. In this step, you need to add a scene. To do this task, reach the scene list available in the lower section of the home screen, right click there and press the add scene tab. Now enter your scene name and then press OK.

add scene to record with obs

9. After that press, the preview stream button and a black screen occur with no activity.

10. Now go to the source list available near the scene section. Right click on that white part and select your choice from options like window capture, monitor capture, image slideshow, game capture and many more.

add source to stream at obs

11. Let assume you are a gamer then click on game capture button and a custom name on the text field that you are having on your screen.

12. After that select the application that you are going to record with OBS (game name).

13. To add your face or webcam streaming in current video, add a new source with the option of video capture. Set other elements also like images and other to create an excellent video.

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Therefore, It is the complete steps that covered the explanation of OBS settings to record with OBS and also answer the question of how to record with OBS. Now, You do not have any problem with OBS recording.

If any step is giving you a problem, then please watch the following video to enjoy your streaming setup.

Last Word On Record With OBS

If you are a gamer or a general person, OBS is always required on your system to record the screen of face videos. You can create various clips with OBS and add them with your editing software to put it on the video platforms.

OBS recording can help you to put content on your channel by creating videos from your screen or daily life routines.

If you get something out from this guide, then please let me know in comment. I will take that as an appreciation for my work. You can ask your questions and email me through contact us page to solve your problems.

I am here to help for people by using my guides, tips and tricks. Bookmark our blog for future topics and updates regarding various tech tricks. Thanks For Reading my step by step guide on the recording with OBS!

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