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How To Block Websites On Chrome [Simplest and Working Ways]

Do you want to know about how to block websites on chrome?

That’s the question I am answering in this small and professional guide to my readers. There are many websites that you don’t like to stream or want to remove them due to the increase of your addiction level towards them. As a parent, you want to block websites on the chrome of your kids. Hence, they are not able to stream the illegal or up appropriate sites on the internet. I can only think, these are the reasons to search for this kind of guide on your search bar.

Chrome browser sustains the lots of security and privacy settings for their user. So, people can choose what they want to access or not on the internet. In this guide, I will offer you classic and working methods that I used for my PC to block some illegal or popup websites to secure my system. You can also use these methods on the base of your order and purpose behind the website blocking.

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How To Block Websites On Chrome

By using these methods, you can block individual sites in chrome on android and other mobile platforms such as iPhone and windows. I tell these ways to my friends, and they are using them to stop popups on chrome.

If you addicted to the social sites like facebook, twitter, and mainly Youtube, then please read this complete guide to block or restrict websites on chrome.

1#. Block Websites On Chrome Desktop

My primary method is helping people who mainly want to block social sites or want to give a laptop to the children with limited internet access. There are many reasons behind this step, One I guess you want to study more or want to be safe your children with some illegal platforms. So, follow the given steps and complete your wish or requirement.

1. Open your chrome browser on your laptop or PC.

2. Now Click on an icon with three dots (vertical arrangement).

3. A drop down came into the picture. Click on setting tab that placed in the lower part of this list.

block sites using chrome extension

4. Scroll down this particular page and click on advanced button.

5. Start two option “Safe Browsing” and “Help improve Safe Browsing.”

6. Also, click on the content setting option and decide your devices and ad settings according to your need.

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2#. Block Websites On Chrome Mobile

To block some web pages or use them partially without offering your data to them. You require to know about this method to solve the problem.

1. Open the Chrome browser on your android, iPhone or any other mobile handset.

2. Tap on the three dots icon that is placed on the top right side of your screen.

3. A list appeared with lots of chrome option. Press the setting option and go to the next screen.

4. Scroll down in this activity and press site setting option to set your choices.

5. Now you have two opportunities; one gives you to select the setting for the current page and one for the particular site that you want to block.

6. Select All sites or set the current configuration to stop the things.

3#. Restrict Websites Using Chrome Extensions

Now I reach the third method to complete your demand related to block websites on chrome. This way provides the freedom to the user to select a site and remove from your internet assessment. By using it, the user can block facebook on chrome and other social media places. In this method, the user needs to install an external chrome extension from their store to block websites on chrome.

1. Open Chrome browser again.

2. Search the phrase “block site website blocker extension for chrome” in the google search text field.

3. Open the url that is showing “” page.

4. Click on add to chrome button and then press the add extension button that appears in a popup.

5. Please wait for some time, because the extension is the little bit heavy in size (approx 7 to 8 MB).


6. After finishing the installation agree to their terms and conditions.

7. A window opens with block site title or logo with a text field “enter a website address.”

8. Enter the site name that you want to block; you can also make a long list of sites from the internet.

9. That’s the all in this steps that can help you to prevent websites on chrome browser.

4#. Using External Android Apps

In android, you can use some external apps to remove the websites from chrome for forever. The user requires to install them externally and offer the permissions to them to block websites on android chrome browser.

1. Install the app “block site” from the google play store on your mobile.

2. Now start the app and gave it to the permission that it required.

3. Make a list of sites that you want to block in your chrome browser.

4. Update the list or add more if you’re going to make in the future.

5. Your task is done and now leave all to the app. It will handle everything related to your blocking thing.

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5#. Restrict on Android Using Host File option

This method is the bit of complicated for the general user, But the person who keeps the technical knowledge about host file then go with it. This scheme is based on the system setting that means you can not use that url in any browser not only in chrome others also.

1. Open the file explorer app that you contain in your device.

2. Tap on menu icon showing with three dots in the top bar of the android screen.

3. Now click on the “device” under the “local menu ” option and then tap on the “etc” library.

4. Search “Hosts” file in the following library.

5. Open the file in the editor that you have for your general use like notepad, ES note, and others.

6. Add a line “ <>” in the following pattern and save the file.

7. It is the completion step for this fifth method that is helping you to block websites on chrome.


Thanks for reading my methods that come from my experience related to restricting websites on chrome and other browsers. Now, it all depends on your choices and following of these methods. Share the article on your social profiles to give us some support. Thanks for enjoying the guide!

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