Get Pin “” To Install Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard

If you are going to install Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard, then you require to get pin from the URL, and you are getting an error to settle it. I want to resolve the problem with my readers. So, they can find a proper solution to the challenge and also get rid of the problem ares wizard not working, In case you are reinstalling it.

In this guide, I will tell you the steps to Get Pin “” and how can you install the Kodi version 17.1 Ares vizard on your system to use. There are ways and instruction that you need to follow in the given order to get the success. Ares Wizard is a favorite Kodi addon that is used so much to stream the free movies, Tv shows, and more related data.

Use of

There are benefits behind the use of Ares wizard; the first one is that Ares wizard is free to add on Kodi. Now the second thing is that you can use the external application and softwares in free the same organization makes that.

In this section, I will let you know about Pin “http bit ly getbuildpin” and Kodi version 17.1 Ares vizard before sending to the steps of installing or getting. FIrst I am choosing ares wizard addon for discussion. It is a system that used to stream entertainment and flicks data by using Amazon fire Tv stick or android and other mobile platforms.

Now, need to write something about the http bit ly getbuildpin and what is the use of it. This pin is an important term or value required at the time of installation for your system. Without getting this http bit ly getbuildpin value and file content, you can not be able to complete the setup of Kodi 17.1 Ares wizard on your system.

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In my thoughts, I complete the introduction and basis of this topic and now require to move to the primary step. Please stay with me and take the information or instruction to reach the final result.

Install Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard

There are many steps I am going to write down in below section. Please read every bit careful; hence No confusion occur at the time, you are doing them on the real system.

1. Start your Kodi system and other screen and physical setup.

2. Reach to the system option and enter on Kodi system setting option.

3. In this step, click on the “choose addons” tab and then start the “unknown resources” setting and set it for “yes.”

4. Now enter into the file manager option and press the “add source” button and select “none” option.

5. Now you need to download the main script of Ares wizard. (To get it, please check the url: “”).

6. After entering or adding the values and snap on “OK” tab reach to the midway of your process.

7. Enter the new “media source” name and click on ok after adding the custom name.

8. Now go to the screen of Kodi add-ons and select add-ons and click on the “package” image.

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9. Select “Install from Zip File” option and your system explorer open.

10. Select the “” file from your system and press okay to load Ares Wizard addon on your Kodi.

11. Now the system is showing the ares wizard addon files, click on install to run these files in your Kodi system.

12. After installing Ares wizard on Kodi, you need to open its start and press the build button to build on Kodi.

Get Pin From (Present)

13. System asks for a Pin, and you need to get the pin from here http bit ly getbuildpin (url:

14. Press on enable option And enter you pin details. Moreover, you get a display on the screen on the following url “”

15. I can say it is an acknowledged page and you did all setup of Ares wizard on Kodi 17.6 using the option of

16. After doing all the hard work please “Pulse Build Krypton” select this option to start the Kodi installation process.

17. It is a destination or result step. Restart your Kodi to check that you are successful or complete your process.

18. Thanks for reaching your final step and perfect this little bit confusing installation.


So, I gave you the process for two question, one is getting the pin from the url, and another one is setting Ares wizard on your Kodi plugin. Please share it on twitter, Google plus to let the people know about it. Thanks for checking the solution!

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