6 Fixes For Geforce Experience Not Working or Won’t Open

Most of the world use the windows operating system or PC to professional or personal work in the present. However, your system keeps numerous kind of components like keyboard, CPU, graphics card, and much more stuff. To show your basic module design with more colors, resolutions, and functioning; we require the graphics card, and mainly people prefer the Nvidia graphics system to their PC. Mostly Gaming people need the graphics card, but in the present, the 4K, 8K, and other high-resolution experience require it for ordinary people. In this environment, people face Geforce experience not working error on many occasions.

For gaming people, it is pretty frustrated to get such errors because high performance or graphics orientated game depends on the GeForce experience. If it did not open on their system, then it is quite hard to get the smooth gaming experience.

However, I faced this issue in my gaming days and solved the error in the past with my experience with windows and technical stuff. There are numerous fixes, but not all of them are systematic or related to the problem; so I collect the best ways that worked for me in the past.

Cause of Nvidia Geforce Experience Won’t Open.

Many background processes happen when we run any application or process some particular program. Many programs and things can affect the Nvidia Geforce Experience and do some damage to it. So, we mainly classified cause in three words; the first one is related to NVidia graphics card driver or software, in the second case we can attract the reason for the windows software or processer.

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If these things do not affect or stop your Nvidia Geforce Experience, then you require to check the hardware or check with customer support of Your PC manufacturer. Except for these three scenarios, I don’t think any other thing affects your graphics card properties and show you GeForce experience not working kind of thing. So, use my answers, and you will be able to get rid of this Nvidia Geforce Experience Won’t Open problem.

Best Solutions for Geforce Experience not working

1. Reinstall Geforce Experience Driver

The first thing we start with the action on the Nvidia Graphics card experience, you need to reinstall it on your system. It will help you to resolve the error related to the internal crash of your driver, and it will stop GeForce experience from progressing its functionality. So we need to do it in our first step because in 50% cases this step will work.

1) click on the window start menu from your lower toolbar of the home screen.

2) press the setting Gear icon, and it will open the apps menu window.

3) Scroll in the apps section into the right pane and find the Nvidia GeForce experience software or driver and press it and then click on uninstall.

reinstall geforce experience driver

4) or you can press the Windows + x and select device manager, now under display adapters section check for the Nvidia GeForce experience driver and uninstall it.

5) Now, to install this software or driver, you need to go on the Nvidia graphics card official website.


6) In the manual driver search, select the driver type, language, and your OS and press the “start search button.”

7) download the file for your OS and install it again on your system.

8) restart your complete OS and check back that you are getting GeForce experience not working error or not.

2. Set Geforce Experience Service In Windows

As you know, a system runs various services in the background, and each one is dedicated to the particular process. One or multiple services are assigned for any specific program on the dynamic or running stage. You need to check or enable the GeForce experience service, so your processes or application can run smoothly. To allow the service to check the following steps:-

1) Hold the Windows + R key, and a window will open in the lower side of your screen.

2) enter “services.MSC” command in the text box and press okay button.

3) In the right pane of the screen, scroll down the page, and find the “NVIDIA GeForce Experience Service.”

set geforce experience services in windows

4) click two times on the service and set the type to automatic and start the service.

5) You can also do the same process for the “Nvidia Geforce Experience Backend Service” and “Nvidia Telemetry Container.”

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So all these steps will start all of the component of Geforce experience on your OS and will provide the experience of gaming pretty smooth.

3. Reinstall Complete GeForce Experience On Your System

Some time your complete Geforce experience environment corrupted due to some internal issue, in that case, you need to require to install the full Geforce experience for your system.

1) Hold the Windows + R key to use the command window

2) Now Put the command appwiz.cpl there and press okay then you will get the list of applications. Now choose the Nvidia GeForce perforce app and uninstall it from there.

3) Go to the website and download the complete software according to your system configuration.

reinstall complete geforce experience

4) reinstall the downloaded file and check for the application in the installed library and rerun your process.

4. Antivirus Issue

Some component of Geforce experience is connected to the internet, so time your antivirus also cause the issue and block the connection for security purpose. In some cases, some antivirus does not know about the Nvidia GeForce experience and remove some o its internal files.

These cases can create a mixup for the Geforce experience, and that will give you the headache like Geforce Experience not working. So you require to check it and add some of the components into the whitelist or remove the antivirus for some time and recheck GeForce properties.

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5. Fix Hardware

If you are not able to fix the Geforce Experience not working on your system, then please check with your hardware or do some basic things like remove the battery and restart the system. You need to check your order with some local appliance repairing person that can fix it because we did almost everything to fix in case of software.

6. Update or reset You Windows OS

In some cases, windows OS will force our applications to effect, in case you did everything, then please check if any update in the windows library. You can reset your windows to the old one because sometimes other programs also force Geforce experience to crash again and again.

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