err_name_not_resolved – Fixes of “This Webpage is Not availiable” Error

Chrome is the most used web browser on the present; people love its speed, simpleness, and additional services to access their internet smoothly. However, it shows many errors and exceptions on many occasions due to the numerous issues  such as err_name_not_resolved, confirm from resubmission that irritate people.

In this article, we talk about the err_name_not_resolved problem that occurs in chrome many time when we want to connect any website through any URL, and chrome shows “this web page is not available” on screen. When you want to log in or to submit some details on it and find such kind of display on your browser.

In many cases, this problem is more complicated as compare it looks. So, guys, you need to resolve the error by checking all the steps, if you are getting this error again and again, then you require to understand the cause behind err_name_not_resolved. Therefore, the reason is more compulsory to follow to find the perfect solution in modern time.

Causes For err_name_not_resolved

I faced this kind of issue in two prospects; one is as a website developer or in the second case as a user or audience of the website. First thing I will explain as a developer because it will help people who are setting their name servers and getting such kind of web errors again and again on your chrome browser.

Domain name server process takes the time up to 72 hours, so if you changed values some time ago, then you require some patience. Lack of patience is the leading cause for the developers to see “this webpage is not available” or “err_name_not_resolved” on checking your website URL.

If you are getting this error with other websites, then this thing happens due to some issue with internet network, system, and properties of chrome. I will write about every aspect of the answers and provide you a definite solution to your problem.

Fixes For err_name_not_resolved

Fixes for this issue will explain in pretty awesome manner because I will only share those things that properly work to solve the issue.

1. Fix router or network connection

Router and network connection is the first thing that you need to look after. To resolve err_name_not_resolved check your internet connectivity through OS UI or connect any other device to your router. If the internet is not working on any other device, then restart the router or other devices. Try to connect again and reach out to your destination.

If you are using your mobile device or any ethernet, then first thing disconnect them and then reconnect to establish the proper connection. In 5-10% cases, people get out from err_name_not_resolved issue.

2. Clear Browser Cache and flush DNS

Second thing if you fixed you connection then move to the browser option because it can cause an issue for you. The cache is the data that you use again and again if you do the same thing with the page that is showing an error. It also stored into the hiding and showing you the old data on your screen. So, there are lots of file in your cache that also effect browser to misbehave. To get rid of it, you require to clean your browser cache memory.

clear browser data to fix chrome error

Open the three-tap menu icon from the top bar of chrome browser and press it, after that click on the more tools > clear browsing data. Now, you can set the process according to your interest, and it will throw out all the data from cache memory.

Your system also contains the DNS cache in the system data related to the websites. DNS represents for the domain name servers; these are the details related to the values of the server that site connects every time. To remove this data, put ipconfig/flushdns, and you can renew it by putting ipconfig/renew command.

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3. Use public or Google DNS values

In this fix for err_name_not_resolved, we will try to update our DNS setting to the public or Google values. So, we can allow the website to connect to the server of the website. This process also resolves the issues related to your system’s network in the way. Check the following instructions to complete this step on your PC.

1) Open your control panel; you can search in the windows search bar and open the app.

2) Click on the “Network and sharing center” from the option and a new window will open.

3) Press “change adapter settings” from the leftmost pane.

4) In the right side of the screen, you can see your network connection name that you are using in the present. Right-click on it and press the Properties item from the list.

Change in your System DNS Values

5) press the “internet protocol version” item from the menu and check the properties of it by pressing the button with the same title.

6) Now click on the “use the following DNS server addresses” and fill out the and values in the respective order. Press okay and reconnect to the website in your browser.

4. Remove antivirus, extensions, and scripts

If you are not able to remove the err_name_not_resolved chrome exception, then try this step to move one more step towards the glory. Antivirus blocks numerous kind of pop-ups, no https sites, a site using system data, and many others. However, when you log in to many panels or webpages, they also come under such kind of threats to antivirus and some extensions.

So, you need to check that they are causing the issue or not. Disable this equipment for little bit time and check your process with the website again and it assures you that you are on the right path.

5. Recheck name Servers and support

If you are a website or blog developer and you put your nameservers recently, then you can get err_name_not_resolved error on the refreshing of your website.

There are numerous solutions I know for it because I created a significant number of websites in the past and get this error again and again. First thing you need to consider that when you update or change the name servers, the system will process it in the next 72 hours. So, if you change your server details then wait for some hours to recheck it.

If time is over and you are getting the same err_name_not_resolved for your domain, then you need to use any proxy or tor browser to check the similar webpage from any other location. I used tor browser to check that page is working or not in real-time. If it’s working on tor and not available on your browser, then clear the cache and flush and your site will start to work. In other cases, connect with the customer support of your hosting and tell them to start the server.

Last Tip

These answers resolve the problem and provide you great results. Use in the right manner and if you have any other particular kind of scenario, then comment on the below section and let us know thanks.

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