{Fixed} driver_irql_not_less_or_equal : Easiest Guide to Fix it

Windows is a supportable operating system for your PC and laptop. It offers a smooth and classic experience for the general user to do their task. However, everything in the world has the limitations, and the same thing applies to the windows platform. You can see the driver_irql_not_less_or_equal error on windows 10 or windows 8/8.1 mainly.

Some people also called it BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) that is a problem that can cause due to some damage in hardware or software.

I am the best person to give you detailed description ans solutions regarding this problem due to I face it two times in the last 2 yrs. In that time of BSOD, I got every small detail regarding this error message and what can you do to back your system from it.

Solutions For driver_irql_not_less_or_equal

There are two things I face one is the hardware issue and second. It occurs due to some software or virus problem. So, I will tell you that what you can do when you have the software problem and what for the hardware issue.

1. Check Your Drivers

If you are the computer is holding the screen for some time and not restarting, again and again, you can follow this method. You need to update and reinstall some drivers that are causing the issues. It is the first way that you need to counter for For driver_irql_not_less_or_equal.

1) Update or Reinstall Network Adapter

As you know, In windows we have different adapter or drivers to work our operating system for a special kind of hardware. You can reinstall it or update the pre-installed adapter to get rid of the driver irql_less_or_not_equal issue. To do this task, you require some instructions that I will write in the lower part.

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1) Hold the Window + X key, and you can see a list of option will appear on the left side of the screen.

2) Press the tab with text “Device Manager” from this list of settings.

3) Now left click on the “Network Adapter” term and after that, you can see a long list of adapters that are supporting your system.

device manager driver irql error

4) Choose the Adapter that contains the word “wireless” and double-click on it to know the details of it.

5) Remove it by using the action button from the device manager window and after that download it again and install it into the system.

6) Before uninstalling, always remember the details regarding the adapter, so you can find it online and fix it.

2) Reinstall Audio Driver And others

As you can see the adapters and drivers name into the list of device managers, you can reinstall some them that you think are causing the issue or error. Mainly, I update all drivers that I can or reinstall some network, monitors and sound adapters to refresh them.

If you do it in the right manner, then it can remove the driver irql not less or equal cause and can make free your system from it. To install or uninstall any driver or adapter, use the options available in the header of the device manager settings and follow the above process.

2. Fix irql not less or equal Using Event Viewer

If your error is still there, then there is no issue regarding the drivers, and now you need to find the cause that was affecting your system. It can be any application or software that has any bug or virus with it. To check the problem, you need to find that bug that is causing the problem driver irql_less_or_not_equal on your system.

To error and logs check, windows created a User interface app with the name event viewer to find the bugs on the running system. Search the “event viewer” into the windows search and press the right click on the icon to open this window in your order.

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event viewer irql fix

Now you can see a window with many log options and system reports. Click on the “Summary of administrative events” button to check all events that happen with your system in last seven days.

Select the event types like critical, error, warning and others. You can check any item or check the warning cause that is appearing on your screen. It is a better tool to get the idea behind the problem.

3. Anti Virus Or Firewall Tools

If you are using the window firewall, then do not try anything new or go to the next solution. In case, some people install external software like a firewall tool to protect their system.

It will backfire for some settings of windows, and that also create this kind of error on your system screen. Check control panel to know about any external firewall, if you acquire any then uninstall it and restart the local firewall.

Some time free antivirus software also start this error driver_irql_not_less_or_equal on any systems. If you keep something outdated or crack version, then uninstall it instantly and try some dedicated uninstaller software to obliterate it from your system.

4. Reset Your Windows

If any virus or corrupted file is settled into your system and you can able to remove it from the operating system, then you need to try windows reset. If you are using original windows 10 or 8 with the key, you can easily resent yous system that will help you to remove the bugs from your OS.

After the reset, your system will become a fresh operating system and all software will remove from the system. Please ensure that before going to this step that you can lose some of your favourable steps.

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To reset the windows, please check these steps that I am going to write about after this line.

1) Open the settings in windows 10.

2) After that click on the update and security button.

windows setting update and security choice


3) Now choose the recovery tab from the left pane of the screen.

4) Select the button available in “Reset This PC” option. Now press gets started and follow the other instructions according to the demand.

recovery option resolve driver less not equal issue

5. Install The OS Again or Use Recovery

The last methods only work In case your system is showing the driver_irql_not_less_or_equal error after a 1 hour plus period. If your order is restarting again and again, then you can not use any of the above paths. If you can not open any properties of your window platform, then it is pointing towards a critical issue with your system.

I face this issue, so I know how it feels and how to resolve it efficiently by using these methods. Now, the first step you need to reinstall the OS or try its recovery option.

Now you can not go into the OS to reset it, so go to near service centre that can install any OS again on your system. You need first to try it because if driver irql not less or equal  is occurring due to the virus attack, then you can get rid off it by paying a little amount to the vendor.

6. Hard disk or Ram

If your OS is not installing on your system and after starting your screen is showing this error again, and again then you need to move towards the hardware. In the case of OS, if the operating system is not loading on your system or you are not able to install it then now you can go on the one way.

When we run the operating system, it loads a file from hard disk to RAM and then it will start. So, these two things can have the problem or remember that your system hit anything past physically or any damage occurs near to it.

Remove the RAM first then test it with the new the same thing will do with HArd DIsk. To do such kind of operation, take help from any nearby shop or service centre.

After the process, I think you will get your answers what the problem with your system is.

7. Overclocking Tool And VPN

There are two extra things that you need to check before sum up all the things related to the issue of driver irql_less_or_not_equal. If you are using any VPN software, then please uninstall or remove it from the system for some time then check the error is now occurring or not.

If the answer no then adds the new version of the VPN with the different setting to the previous version(mainly do not block the setting that is connected to windows OS).

Overclocking tool is used to increase the efficiency of our Hardware’s that are running with our operating system. Check for overclocking tools that are installed on your system, remove them and check that now you are getting the same error driver irql not less or equal on your screen or not.

If you problem is not solving then try the Microsoft community to fix the error.


This error can appear due to various reasons that I stat above the fix of driver_irql_not_less_or_equal. It would be best if you tried all the options according to the demand and conditions of your system.
If you live my way of writing and the methods that I shared across this guide, then please share it with other people.  Thanks for reading my words!

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