Discord RTC Connecting : fixes For Discord Connecting Issue

Many gamers are getting the RTC connecting issue in their discord app, again and again, I know many friends that are getting trouble from this error. As a techie blogger, I collected the data about discord rtc connecting and a proper fix for it that will help the people who are suffering from it.

I checked many forums, but they are talking about some specific answers. However, this kind of message can occur due to various reasons, and we need to understand them first moving to the solution.

RTC discord Connecting issue is related to the voice and it will not able you to connect from the sound. In my opinion, you know about the problem because you are getting in the present. I shared the info for the people who want to gain something extra regarding discord app.

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As you understand, any software or program issue in a computer can be occurred due to many reasons, and when you check with the discord always the connecting problem, some methods are conventional and straightforward.

Discord RTC Connecting

I am going to tell you two primary method that you can use to destroy this issue from discord app. As you understand, your discord app is showing regular RTC connecting issue when you want to use it’s the app on your system.

Before going to the solution, please check the internet restriction on your network connection, if the admins block the discord on their server then it is apparent that you can not use it there.

Discord always Connecting error

I consider two cases mainly, in one case your pc settings can create an issue (it means you changed some configuration at the time of installation other application). In second cases, it can be occurred due to the discord app this configuration.

1. Check System Setting And Configuration

In this section, I am going to give you some primary and general things that you need to try to resolve this problem. This process mainly based on the hit and run techniques to determine the discord RTC connecting from your system.


The first thing you need to do, restart your PC, internet device or plug out ethernet cable. In many cases, if your’s system is creating a problem due to some hardware, then this process will push it to the right state.

Process 2

You can check your firewall, antivirus, and VPN (things that operate internet network to some extent). You can close down or stop all these things and then check the discord app to run. You will get the culprit after checking one by one or shut down all of them together.

Process 3

You can disable QOS and then check the discord app that it is showing connecting error now or not. To do the task, you can go to the User Settings on discord app then “Voice or Video” and then disable or off the “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” setting.

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2. Fix Proxy Server Setting

It is a unique solution and process because some of the people did not seem able to solve the RTC discord connecting problem by using the above solution. I tried and tested this step in some case, and it worked.

You need to fix the proxy server setting of your PC and then discord RTC connecting will disappear from the discord screen. To complete this process use the below steps and fix the problem.

1) Close all the apps that you are using right now.

2) Now open the control panel on your windows device by using search box or keys.

3) After that click on the “network and internet” option and then press the “internet options” button.


4) A new window will occur with the heading “internet properties.”

5) In this window, you can see the various sections, click on the “connections” section of this window.

6) after that press the button with the title “LAN setting.”

7)Now a new window will occur with the title “LOCAL area network.”

8) Uncheck the box that is showing below the “proxy server” title.


Last Words

These are the solutions that you can use to fix the discord RTC connecting that is showing at the time you run the discord app on your PC. It is not connecting to the internet or saying that internet is not available.

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If you are having any other issues related to discord RTC connecting, then you can ask us into the comment. It is a great way to communicate with your people and solve any concern of yours.

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