8 Fixes For “discord Overlay not working” Error In 2019

I played lots of game when I am in my college and use discord to connect with other gamers through voice and text. However, I encountered numerous issues with it like discord Rtc connecting, discord overlay and mic not working and many more at the time of streaming. At that time, I checked for many answers related to errors and got little things from the internet. However, in the present as a technical blog owner, I wrote about various things and want to explain all these errors and their fixes.

Three years of gaming gave me considerable experience in the problem solving related to discord. In this article, I am going to solve one of the issues about dispute app in the proper steps. After completing this article, you will solve your discord overlay not working problem with ease and love all the explanation. Now we move to the primary point of issue, reasons, and solutions.

Discord overlay is a feature of discord app that allows people to communicate with their gaming friends. However, sometimes, it will disappear from the gaming screen or stopped working at all on your discord app. As you know, it is the main reason that will motivate you to try discord app. So, I indicate it as the most famous Error of discord app, and I also checked for the solutions in the past. In some case, you can have this issue with any particular game or some time on all the games. So, I keep in mind every aspect and now move on the solution.

Best FIxes For discord Overlay not working

You can try any particular step or go with the following. These all steps cover every kind of situation you can face that gives you the discord overlay not working.

1. Status of Game Overlay Option

First, we need to inside our discord app that any setting is disabled or not working. You need to enable the overlay setting to get it on your screen or allow the communication with your friends. To do this task check the instructions:-

1) in bottom check for Setting icon and click on it (it looks like your phone’s settings icon).

2) Now in left panel scroll down it and find the option with the title “overlay.”

3) When you press it, you can see the setting related to it in the right pane of the current screen.

4) Now set the toggle button in front of the “Enable in-game overlay” title.

5) In any case, you are not able to see overlay option on any particular game then please click on the games button on the same list from the left pane and check the status. It shows that overlay on or off for your game.

2. Disable the Antivirus

Antivirus blocked various links and communications that they can not sure about. The same thing happens in the case of discord overlay because many antiviruses are not used to it and they blocked its services on your PC. So, you can do two things with your antivirus; every antivirus software keeps a whitelist of websites or communication links in their box, you can put discord overlay into their whitelist, and they will allow the usage of discord overlay on your device.

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The second thing you can do that disable your antivirus from your PC and restart your system. If you are a passionate gamer, then you can turn it off, and discord will never show you overlay error. However, if you prefer security, later try to add friction in your antivirus’s whitelist.

3. Run discord in Administrator Mode

We are talking about individual cases that can cause the error message, and if you did not use lots of thing with your PC and a simple user, then you can move to the main discord things.

People who usage number of users or run their application based on preferences then you can also see the discord overlay not working on your discord screen. Discord needs to run in the administrator mode and do this process check the given steps:-

1) select and Right-click on the icon of discord app on desktop and click on the option “run as administrator”. It will do the task, but if you want to fix it permanently, then see the net step.

2) Right-click on the icon and press the properties into the list.

run as administrator discord app

3) Select the “compatibility” section and enable the checkbox with the title “run as administrator.”

4. Check Your Resolution or Display Scaling

Some gamers use a high resolution to enjoy their games. Sometimes this habit does the negative effect in the case of discord app usage. Due to the high resolution, overlay button will disappear from your game screen, and you will face the discord overlay not showing the problem on your system.

Go into your game setting or system screen setting and put the right scaling or resolution that your system support. It will help you to see the overlay button on your screen.

5. Stop the other applications

In many cases, I see that other programs also affect your discord app, and it did not work accurately. As you know, you will use discord in the gaming environment, and few games need pretty high performance from your CPU, they keep the more top priority in the list of scheduling on CPU. When you use some other apps that have higher priority than your system need to give time to it.

Please shut down the other application that you are using except the game from your system and then try the discord app again. In many cases, it will work to show the discord overlay on your order.

6. Set Hotkey For Shortcut

Sometime when you want to start your discord overlay at the time of the game, it will cause the Error and not start properly. To avoid this issue, you can set the hotkey for overlay option and use it by pressing just one key. Check the steps to set hotkey:-

1) Press the setting icon in discord and click on the overlay in the left pane.

2) You can see a toggle button in the start that we use in our first step to enable overlay.

3) In the right side of it, you can see the hotkey option with a drop-down, select the key that you want to use as a hotkey to turn on the overlay.

7. Try Hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration is the setting that will boost your hardware to run your app more easiness. However, it can cause an issue at the time of high-performance action of the system. Discord is worked in high hardware acceleration, so you need to disable it sometime if your overlay not working Error did not resolve.

To complete this setting check following lines:-

1) Press the Setting icon on the lower part of the discord app and then check for the option Appearance in the left pane.

2) Now disable the hardware acceleration option from the right pane by using the toggle button.

enable hardware acceleration option in discord

3) Now, restart your discord overlay, and you will get the fix.

8. Reboot Discord app or your PC

If the problem does not solve yet, then please uninstall the discord app and reinstall it on your system using the setting.

In some cases, you can restart your system and try to start your discord app again. Sometime it will happen due to the deadlock situation in your order, and it hangs your computer. Just start again and open everything again.

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Thanks for reading my word, I tried to solve every aspect of the discord overlay not working and disclose enough secret to you guys. Please write to me if you are getting some other particular error related to discord app or any other technical system.

I am a tech writer and a technical consultant or engineer to the stuff related to hardware and software that people use in present time. In writing, i am pretty expert of topics related to chrome, windows, alternatives, wifi, VPN and others. As a professional, i am a software engineer at a multi nation company. Bookmark our blog and ask any question to me thanks

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