10 Fixes of “Discord mic not working” or “Not Picking Up Mic”

Discord app is a primary channel of communication for the gaming guys to connect with other players. You can communicate through voice and text channels but some time voice channel get some issues like discord mic not working, discord overlay not working and many others as I say that I spent lots of time to play games and use Discord most of the time. I have experienced most of the errors that typical gamer’s got with the discord app.

Today you are seeing the discord mic not working issue with your system. There are possible fixes to restart the same operation with your discord app communication. You can use them step by step or if you know the problem, then reach to the target solution.

Cause behind Discord mic not working

You mic can stop working due to various causes, but I combined them in three category. In the first category, I include the physical damage to your mic or cable due to any physical damage or strain in the wire. The second thing is related to your PC or OS that can cause the discord mic not working kind of error to your gaming environment.

In the third category, I put the things that are related to the discord app settings or issues with the software. You need a solution based on these categories to understand the real answer that you can go after.

Fixes for Discord mic not working error

We covered each kind of solution as I discussed in the cause that you need to understand the issue. In any case, you can not catch it; then it will take more time to complete the fix process. So, please listen to work with proper attention and believe in my explanation. You will resolve your issue at the end of the article.

1. Physical Mic and cable Issues

First thing before doing anything with your software setup, check your hardware mic because in some case it can happen due to the cable issues or any physical damage to the mic. So, remove your device from your PC or system then put into your mobile device or your friend set up to check the real situation about the mic. If it is not working on another system also and getting same discord mic not working kind of problem, then change your device because it is a physical issue.

2. Restart and Logout From Discord

Now, you checked the physical damage then we push our solution in the second category, and that is the check your discord app settings and configuration to resolve the discord mic not working.

First, restart or reboot your discord app again and check the mic status that is it picking the mic input or not. If the answer is yes, then we are done, or the solution is not, then we need to move forward.

logout from discord

You need to logout from your Discord app because of some time more connectivity or cache of accounts will mix up the whole process from friction, and it will start to show numerous kind of errors.

To logout from Discord follow the steps:-

1) Click on the setting icon from the lower section of the app.

2) scroll the left pane, and you will find an item with the title “logout.”

3) press the button and say “yes” to the process.

4) Now restart and put your values again on Discord and you can get rid of the discord mic not picking up input.

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3. Change Input sensitivity Setting On Discord

Discord keeps the input sensitivity setting disabled in the default way, so you need to enable to resolve the error from your process of gaming and communication. So, you require to set up this error because it is an exception or bug of the Discord and many people face it in the past.

1) Press the setting gear icon from the lower left part of the home screen of discord app.

2) Scroll the current left pane and find the term “voice and video.”

3) press that item, and a new screen will appear in the right pane of the screen.


4) Now check the “automatically determine input sensitivity” title, and you will see a toggle button in front of the text. You will also see the slider below to the toggle button.

5) You require to disable the toggle button and put the slider in the middle of the scale and try your mic option at your game again.

6) In most of the cases, this setup will resolve the discord mic not working problem.

4. Input Device Setting On Windows and Discord

Discord keep the same input device setting such as our windows keep under their settings. You can check for the input microphone and another connected sound device to your system or Discord. You need to choose the method that you are connected because this issue will raise when we try multiple connections like Bluetooth devices and cable devices.

In windows

1) Press the uppar arrow button from your toolbar and press the right click on the sound icon and press the sound setting item.

2) Choose your input device that connected to your system.

In Discord

1) press the setting icon

2) Check for the option “voice and audio” and touch it

3) Now, find the voice setting option in the right pane, and you will see the “input device” title below it.


4) Select the input device other than the default, and you will know that your mic will start to the response.

5. Reset Voice Setting In Discord

If you mix up with the audio settings to check something new, then reset them to the default. So, you will be able to get your mic service at the time of gaming and connect with your friends through voice.

1) Press setting gear and reach to the “voice and audio” option.

2) press the “reset your settings” button, and it will automatically reach to the default values.


6. Input Mode To Push to Talk Mode

In some cases, it will work for many people. I read about it from the many discord question-answer forums and presenting you the real way to it. In the voice setting of Discord, you need to change the discord voice activity to push to talk. This input mode of microphone will help you; you can use the same “voice and audio” section to fix such kind of setup.

input mode to push to talk mode

7. Disable Exclusive Mode For Microphone Use in windows

Exclusive mode for microphone use in Windows stands for the microphone concentration towards the discord app only. It also causes an error due to when some time any other program is running with the Discord that requires the microphone. So, in those cases, it will exclusively assign for that process and stop to work with the Discord. It will cause the discord mic not working in our method of communication.

Try the following instructions to stop such kind of thing:-

1) Right Click on the sound icon from the toolbar

2) Now press the “recording device” option from the list and then select recording area from the new windows and press the “properties” button places in the bottom right corner.

3) Now select “advanced” in “microphone properties” and disable the checkbox in front of the “allow the application to take exclusive control of this device.”

8. Run Discord As Administrator

when I prepared the article on discord overlay not working, I also tell the people to run Discord as an administrator because people who usage multiple users on their system will not allow to take all the services of Discord.

Press the right click on the discord icon from the desktop and press the item “Run as administrator” to complete the task. Now check that your discord mic not working problem is resolved.

9. Update Voice Driver

If you did not update your voice driver, then please update or reinstall it. You will find the executable file of it on the C drive or program files. Try to download the latest version or use the troubleshoot option in the windows 10 to get rid of such kind of problem with a single step.

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10. Contact Support

If your problem is not resolved, then please contact the discord app support team or comment on the below section. So, they will help you, or we will get you a proper solution to the problem. Thanks

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