What is CTF Loader (ctfmon.exe) – Fix Main CTF Loader’s Errors

When your system is slowed down, and you check the task manager with the lots of process going on there. For example, server host superfetch, ctfmon.exe, and many others. You check the word or process ctfmon.exe and want to know what it is, or you can stop it, so your system will provide high performance. This ctfmon.exe task represents the CTF Loader, and it is a system framework. I will discuss what it is and how to fix the errors related to this Loader.

These system task does not harm your system; they mainly loaded to provide more significant support and service in the operating system. So, please don’t think these programs as any error, virus, or another harmful program. If your computer or PC is running many applications or process related to it, then I will also share some ways to disable them without affecting any internal mechanism of your OS.

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What is CTF Loader

Collaborative Translation framework is the full name or the form of the CTF loader, as you can see that it is a framework that provides the foundation to many other processes. But now the question arises that what kind of application is based on it. The answer is the voice and written text (you can say handwriting) related windows application.

In a technical aspect, you need to understand that The CTF loader program is not visible at the start of the system. This program will come into the picture at the Windows boot process. You can check that by using some typical registry command (if you are interested in windows technical details. ).

ctfmon.exe or ctfloader in windows

CTF loader mainly worked in case of Microsoft word, excel and other document related tools because in these items we require handwriting recognization, speech to text conversion, keyword translation, and other dilemmas. I think, now you got the real point that why windows keep the CTF loader.

If you are thinking about checking its files on your hard drive then reach to the directory path C:\Windows\System32 and you will see the copies related to CTF loader.

How To Stop CTF loader In windows

If it is hurting your system’s performance, then it is time to get rid of this program. In the below section, I will share some simple steps to stop the CTF loader task on your system, and there are issues that many people faced due to it. So, we will also discuss those with you to provide you a great understanding of ctfmon.exe in future or present.

1) Disable or stop The CTF loader in windows Using services

There is a simple path to disable this software or program from your system. Just follow the instructions in the right sequence:-

1) Press the Windows + R, and you will get a new run command window.

2) Now, enter Services.msc command in the text box and press okay (you can directly open the system services).

3. Check for the “Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel” service or process on the list that you have on your screen.

touch keyboard handwriting panel services

4. Press the right click on the selected item, and then a new popup will open.

5. Click on the disabled and stop button from performing the task according to your requirement.

You understand this point that it will affect some features of MS office, so please use it carefully, In case of MS office is essential for your work then I will not recommend disabling CTF loader on your PC.

Sometime people will get some errors related to the CTF loader on their system when they are working various operation. So, I prepared a list with the solution to help you get the proper knowledge of CTF loader.

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2) By Delete the EXE file

In some case, if CTF loader made you path hard to close the operation performed by it in the task manager, then you can take the way to delete it’s executable file manually. To remove the data, follow the necessary process.

Note: If you use your system for work, then please avoid it because it will permanently remove the ctfmon.exe from your order and it will affect your MS office operations.

1) reach to the path C:\Windows\System32 or system 32 folder on your system. Now, find the file ctform.exe and delete it manually by right click.

2) Now, you will permanently delete the executable files and also remove the other related data if you see there.

3) Your system comes out from the CF loader, and you can run your other programs smoothly.

3) By the scheduling of ctfmon.exe

This process needs to follow when you need to resolve the CTF loader errors. By using this step, you can control the CTF loader and avoid permanent removal or deletion. To process on ctfmon.exe, you require the help of Task Scheduler, and after that, you will be able to set the complete usage and operation of the Loader.

1) Open the start menu or use the window search box on the home page. Now type or write “taskschd.msc” in the empty box and press the search button.

2) Open the Task Scheduler Library from the present screen by double-clicking on it.

3) now Select Microsoft than Windows thenTextServicesFramwork in the order.

4) In the final, click “Disable” after pressing on “MSCTFMonitor.”

Final Lines

All done and dusted about CTF loader; It is the primary knowledge that you need to keep in mind about ctfmon.exe. Now, you can help your system to work faster and keep your experience. Share your questions with us to solve your particular issues in the tech world, thanks.

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