Confirm Form Resubmission: 4 Ways to FIx Reload

Confirm Form Resubmission is an error message, you will see on the screen when you press the reload button to resubmit the data in google chrome or other browsers. I have some fix to get the result to reload button to resubmit your form online.

Are you getting “confirm form resubmission” error or “err_cache_miss” on your chrome browser screen after pressing back button after submitting a form? I know some ways that can identify and resolve your issue from chrome browser. This question discussed on numerous forums, portals, and question-answer libraries but I got very few points clear on the other mediums.

Therefore, I am going to explain it in a broad way with reasons, issues, and solutions that can help you to go through this error.

Why Confirm Form Resubmission Occur

I can say that it is not issued towards the google, it is like a acknowledge or warning page for a user that wants to resubmit things again and again.

It can control that duplicate towards that page. If you are buying something from an online medium and you complete your submission and then submit again for same transaction ID, then you can pay money twice for a single item transaction.

confirm form resubmission

This page can help you to remove from such issues also, but for some simple processes, it is a bug. Google tries to solve lots of topics with chrome, but it remains as it as. The reason is apparent that it is used for good and create lousy expression some time.

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You can not cure it of scratch, but I have some top ways that can help you to achieve the success from this problem. Try these top ways to fix confirm form resubmission from your browser.

Confirm Form Submission Error {4 Fix}

Numerous reasons take part to happen this thing on your system. This problem is not simple to detect it, therefore as a user; you need to try my four fixes that can resolve the Confirm Form reSubmission or “err_cache_miss” prompt message from your browser.

You can use the various solutions for another browser like Firefox, tor, and sometimes internet explorer.

1) Recheck Internet, Wifi, and Connection’s

First fix is simple and you also have in your mind at the time of this problem occur. You need to disable your internet connection and then enable again to see that confirm form resubmission message is there or not. To do the following task, you can use my given steps.

1. If you are using windows operating system, then go on upper arrow button place in the lower toolbar.
2. Click on the wifi icon, and now you can use two processes one is enabled your internet by clicking on your connection name and then disable it.
3. Alternatively, you can enable airplane mode that can off all internet connections and then disables this mode.
4. If you are connecting with line or cable for internet, then remove them from the system and then again join with the system.

In general cases, you can solve the issue of resubmit the data needed to load the by using this single process. Hence Advance issue made you life tougher and for them follow the remaining steps.

2) Empty Browser Cache And Cookies

You can use this method for any browser that is sending you the confirm form submission problem on your screen. It is useful because some page stuck in the cache and after doing the refresh only cached content will appear on the screen. To process, this method uses the below instructions to clean the confirm form resubmission.

For Chrome Browser

1. Open the Chrome browser, now click on the customize button that is placed on the top right corner.

2. Now Tap on more tools then click on “clear browsing data” tab and you will reach a setting page.

clear browsing data at chrome

3. Select the options browsing data, cached image and files, and cookies option to remove the older files from the browser memory.

For Firefox Browser

1. To follow the same process in Firefox, you need to do some different steps.

2. click on the setting icon that is shown on the right side of the screen.

firefox cookies and browser data

3. Click on it and then tap on the text “privacy and security” that is appearing on the left pane.

4. You can see the clear cache and data option in the right pane of the page, use them and clear the browsing data and cookies.

3) Set Url With Method “Get” In replace of “Post”

To fix the message of confirm form resubmission to your browser. The user needs to change the method portion of url that can take this url to the page where you can resubmit the forum quickly. To use this method, please read and understand the below instructions.

1. When you have url in your browser click on the back button, and you reach to the url prefix with the following format: <form action=”index.php?load=SEARCH.” method=” post”>

2. Now, you need to edit this url format into the following way after changing: <form action=”index.php?load=SEARCH.” method=”get”>.

3. You can see the change that changes in the method “post” into the “get.”

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4. refresh the page, and you reach the page where you want to be.

4) Using the Browser Icon Shortcut

1. Right Click on your chrome browser shortcut icon and press it.

2. Go to the properties of the image, and it will open a new window.

3. Now click on shortcut section from the above sections of this new window.

4. Now make some changes in the target section where you can see an address of the chrome.exe file.

browser method for confirm form resubmission

5. You require to add words after exe, and that is “-disable-prompt-on-repost” and then click on or apply.

6. I think, now your problem solved, and you find the solution to go away from the error of confirm form resubmission.

Last Words On Confirm Form Resubmission

These are the leading solution that you can use to solve this bug from the various browser. I consider chrome message of confirming form resubmission because it is used by more percentage of internet user in the present.

You can give me comment if you are getting any error related to this guide of “confirm form resubmission error fixes.” Share with other folks so it can reach to the number of people.

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