123movies New site And 7 Sites like 123movies {Working}

Movies are the magic stick for modern people in the area of entertainment. People loved them so much and found a right to connect the stories and presentation of emotions on the screen. There are numerous biopics and real life-related movies that inspire people and increase their curiosity about more content. You can stream such data through various channels like netflix, 123movies and many other local ways nowadays because later generation mainly depended on the Television or cinema halls.

However, in the present time, people do not have so much time, so they like to get as much content in the lower time.

The Internet provides that prospects in life and save lots of money, energy, and time to complete your hunger for films. There are numerous web places on the Internet to find and stream movies in HD with subtitles in your preferrable language. For example, you listen to the names such as Netflix, amazon prime, youtube originals, and many more. Some people also suggest you websites like 123movies, rainierland: Putlocker9, kissanime, and many others.

123movies is a name that came into the many searches for movie streaming sites, and many guys talked about it on the various filmy forums or blogs. So, I collected the relevant data to real site and alternatives of it to write in this blog. As you know that 123movies is blocked on the lots of locations and declared as an unsafe and illegal webpage to stream on the Internet by many organizations or ISP’s. So, people who are connected with it for a long time need some new places to flow in the absence of it. So, I will tell you some unique sites of 123movies (you can also call then 123movies’s mirrors). Some alternatives will help you to clear your thrust of films.

123movies New Sites

The massive number of these websites existed on google, and I surely say that 60% of them are fake or created for other purposes (not for movie streaming). I called these sites the 123movies proxy websites that operated by the same sources. To consider them, you need to try places that keep the different extension, not a full name like,, and many others.

123movies new sites

I have the list of these sites; you can use them as 123movies new site or new name. Some of them are pretty awesome (according to the various users) and available on most of the IP’s.

1. (working 123movies new site)
2. (put www6 in the start of the site)
3. (put ww1 in the begin of URL)
9. (add w1. in the URL)

As you got the ten different kinds of URL’s that will help you to stream 123movies if you are a fan of it. However, you know that it is not safe without proper setup and illegal according to the law of movie copyright. So, I want to give you advice that you can avoid it. Try some decent sites such as Netflix, prime video, Hulu, and many more others.

Best Sites Like 123movies

If you want something positive or working site to stream some old content and new movies, then there are some excellent alternatives to 123movies.

1. Rainierland

When we talk about movies streaming sites in the present, lots of people whisper the name of rainierland. It became a name in this kind of category, and that is the reason I choose it as a site like 123movies. If we compare the characteristics, then you will not get anything to differ on this source. However, you will get similarity in most of the things such as movie updates, list of older films, tv shows list, and many others.

Rainierland looks pretty different as compared to the 123movies site, on the home page you will only get the movie details or links related to new flicks only. There is a separate section for tv shows and older movies on the website. In the advancement of 123movies, rainierland serves better quality videos as compared to most of the website. You will always get the one step further in links performance.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker also sustains a similar kind of problems related to availability with the comparison of 123movies. However, you will get one of the proxy websites of putlocker on the Internet without doing more hard work. Putlocker is a competitor and lookalike web place to stream movies on the Internet.

putlocker site

You will find its websites on the search of google and use them as 123movies alternative. This site keeps a similar design like a search engine to the 123 movies. It will help you to find your favorite title a little bit faster as compared to various other streaming sites.

Putlocker contains pretty similar flicks list or the videos files on their server if we compare it with 123movies. So, it will make things pretty closely and identical for the 123 movies fans.

3. Fmovies

According to some talks with the older fans of 123movies, I got that Fmovies is previously known as B movies. So, you can think of it as a new version or a different server from the same team. There are many suggestions on the FMovies, and people love it for its performance and cleanness (ads and another kind of display items).

fmovies site

Homepage keeps the property of search engine, and menu items are little similar to the 123movies, join the premium membership to make your experience better with Fmovies. Some people are a massive fan of the filters available on the site because it gives you the option to find flicks based on type, release year, and many more.

4. Netflix

If you want my opinion, then Go with Netflix for 123movies alternative, I love this website and addicted to its movie and tv content. This brand is used by the many people who leave the 123 movies site due to legal or safety issues. You can get an unbelievable experience on the Internet in the area of movie and tv shows streaming and download.

netflix site for movies streaming

123movies also provided many contents (copied files) or video files of Netflix in the past so that you can think the level of Netflix’s original content. In my opinion, it keeps the most extensive database in comparison to all movies and another streaming website on the Internet. You can also enjoy their service through your mobile device that thing is missing on the main site.

5. 9movies

9movies is another movie streaming source that you look after in search of alternatives. However, it is only dedicated towards the flicks, for shows and documentaries kind of content you need to follow series9 and couchtuner website. Those sites are the part of the 9xmovies, and you will get your desired title or video streaming source there.

9movies or series9 site

9xmovies is available on the subcontinent locations and provide the numerous movie streaming option for the users. In some areas, it beats the 123movies and offers faster updates of the files on their site. Design of the site is a little bit different in comparison with the website that we are searching for alternatives.

6. HBO

You listened to the name HBO in the past if you are interested in TV and keep a television at your house. HBO is one of the top brands in the streaming world that sustains a load of original content in their pocket. HBO is served on the online medium to the consumer that leave the older ways of content streaming.

You can reach to their site by just searching the name HBO on the google and get free subscription trial in the start. In the case of original content, they beat Netflix, 123movies, putlocker, and many other popular sites. Game of Thrones is produced or streamed on HBO channel; now you can understand the level of their content. So, there are loads of files related to flicks and TV episodes that you will never get from anywhere.


This website is recommended by numerous guys on a forum to reply to a post related to movie streaming sources. It matches most of the factor or services of 123movies when you access this site. There are pretty fewer ads if we compare with the 123movies website. You also receive higher qualities of movies such as HD, 4K, and many different kinds of pixel values.

Final Say……

123movies is an older source that has a length the array of fans. So, it is not an easy path to provide alternatives to this site. However, I tick all the boxes that a person can think about a movie streaming site on the online medium. If you keep any fitting solution, then we will add in our list and provide it to our audience.

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